River Reading Adventure

Last week seemed like a little vacation. No spelling words. We still did reading and math homework but it was less stressful. Since it was just my little angel and I and we had the evening to ourselves, I decided to do homework on my bed.  It went fairly easy and with NO fuss! Yay!! With homework done it was on to “playwork”. I had went to the library earlier in the day so we had a nice variety of books to choose from. We scattered the books on the bed and while he was picking one out,  I stretched out under the covers. (I was cold and sleepy) My clever little angel said ” It’s like we’re on a raft or something floating on the water, isn’t it mom?” With a yawn I  replied, “Maybe we are and that’s not really the floor at all. Maybe we’re floating down Grandpa’s river, really slow.” He smiled from ear to ear and our imaginations took off.

We were floating down a shallow river in a lazy kinda way. The trees were popped open like umbrellas with holes. Just enough holes to let the sunlight dance across the water like sparkling little whispers. Little minnows darted back and forth under us causing the raft to gently sway. Our minds were imagining faster than we could speak which made for some pretty funny new words and laughter. Our laughter echoed and skipped across the water like a flat smooth rock just barely touching the surface. I pointed to the corner of the room and said “Hey look!” It’s Morris the Moose.” With that I picked up Morris Has A Cold  and handed it to him.

Morris seen us and waved. We motioned for him to come to the raft. He looked at the water and then looked at us, shrugged his shoulders and began walking right in the water.  With a big  “WOOOHOOO HOOO” he did the high tippy toe through the cold river water. Climbing onto the raft, Morris shook the water from his legs. First he did the left leg and then did his right leg stating that he wanted to finish right ( it’s ok, he didn’t laugh at my attempted joke either,) So, after shaking the water from his legs Morris plopped down beside us making the raft rock back and forth. He’s not the most careful moose but then again we don’t know that many. As my angel began to rea we imagined that the fish swam up to the raft so they could hear and see the pictures. Frogs hopped on rocks and birds flew to low branches just to hear the words my little angel was reading. (In case you can’t tell, he wanted an audience.)

We made our way through two Morris books and You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You by Mary Ann Hoberman. We had fun reading together. We read a couple of them twice so we could take turns using different voices. I was trying to transition him into some more math without taking from the moment, so I said “Hmm… I wonder how crayfish learn math?” Again, I began using my imagination still floating down the river and he was paddling up river spouting off animal FACTS! He know’s his animal. Thank You Kratt Brothers! (PBS Kids Wild Kratts).  I wish we would have recorded our adventure. It would have made a good story.


(((hug to my little angel)))

We finally did get to some math with a game he made up. He calls it “Roll 3 dice to 50 or 76. Pretty basic. roll 3 dice add them up and the first one to reach 50 or 76 wins. He likes it. Whatever works, right?

I was just remembering this and wanted to write it down before I forgot to many of the details.


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  1. I love this, Shelley! THIS is how you draw a child into a love of learning. Make it fun, make it special and you will have made a memory that will travel with your child throughout life. I love every part of this and intend to share this idea with my own son. Thank you for sharing with us!


    • Thanks Jen! We do things like this. We love to make up stories. It just seems we don’t do it often enough. Thank you so much for the comment! I really need to keep that recorder handy when we do this. It’s great stuff!!


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